Freight Management Program

One bill, one payment, one contact — one easy step to ship anything to anywhere.

At PERSONAL Freight, we conduct a confidential audit and analysis of your freight costs and service requirements. Based on this analysis, we provide you with a comprehensive report outlining opportunities for reducing expenses and improving controls.

Our audit/analysis covers all modes of international transportation. Our leverage of maintaining a multi-million Euro revenue stream with transportation carriers allows you to benefit from rates that result from the combined volume of all our participating clients. On average, PERSONAL Freight has reduced freight costs for its clients' companies by 20% to 25% annually.

We take pride in developing relationships with our customers and treat our customers as partners. The PERSONAL touch we provide puts customers minds at ease that their freight requirements will be dealt with in a cost effective and reliable way.

Our logistics sourcing and supply services facilitate efficient and cost effective flow of your goods. We have the experience and knowledge to provide our clients with optimal negotiated carrier pricing. We implement, plan and control the flow and storage of your materials for point-to-point delivery. We work with all manner of freight carriers - rail, air, sea and truck - and we handle all domestic and international shipping logistics and transport.

For many businesses, Negotiation is one of the most important, complex and overlooked opportunities for substantial shipping cost savings. The bottom line in this scenario is similar to the bottom line in any other negotiation picture: if you know more going in, you pay less coming out. We handle all aspects of the identification and negotiation with carriers, beginning with obtaining service and pricing proposals from multiple freight carriers with the one goal of maximizing service commitments and cost savings for our clients.

In terms of negotiation strategy, we work closely with our clients to discover what's best for their current and future needs. If necessary we can work behind the scenes and supply expert guidance during the negotiating process.

If a turn-key solution is what you want, we provide that as well. We negotiate on our clients' behalf and handle all the details. Regardless of how you prefer to move forward in the logistics provider identification process or freight negotiation process you are ultimately in control and have the final say in all aspects of the logistics solutions we identify for you.

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